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Smart Indicators

HipDash’s unique Smart Indicator means you get context like history, averages, best performance, and target goals automatically.

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Pinpoint Problems

Correct performance issues with smart indicators and metrics.

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Maximize Profits

Focus your business around the areas that produce ROI.

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Analytics in your pocket.

Revolutionize your business and make your analytics work for you. With Infusionsoft, QuickBooks, and Google Docs (coming soon) integrations, you can feel the freedom of being able to access your business critical information from anywhere on any device.


With each indicator, you have the ability to see the metrics you want. Get to know your past and present so you can plan for the future.

Staying in sync with your business

Metrics updated every 10 minutes.

Powerful Integrations

Integrations with Infusionsoft, Intuit QuickBooks, and Google Docs means we can handle your business needs..

Fast Implementation

Create Smart Indicators once and never have to worry about them again! They never time out.

Drillable Analytics

Easily drill down to detailed analytics and trends presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Smart Indicators

HipDash’s Smart Indicator provides context like history, averages, best performance, and target goals automatically.

Share Indicators

Keep everyone in the loop with analytics you can share directly or digitally embed in your website.

Infusionsoft Dashboard

All your data in Infusionsoft is seemlessly integrated into HipDash, making it point-and-click easy to create a dashboard.

What our customers are saying

See how HipDash is changing employees into Hipsters.

  • "What you measure improves! With HipDash I am now able to track my most important numbers in real time. The ability to share the dashboards allows me to get my tribe involved and excited to watch the numbers grow! HipDash is a must for any business to track their results!"

    Chas Wilson
    Chas Wilson
  • "This app is incredibly simple to implement and saves a ton of time when analyzing your marketing indicators."

    Ian Jenkins
    Ian Jenkins
  • “Now, we have the right tool to get the right numbers out of the vast amount of data in Infusionsoft.”

    Robin Li
    Robin Li

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