HipDash organizes all your valuable Infusionsoft data
into a simple, easy-to-read, Smart Dashboard.

  • Built For Infusionsoft

    All your data in Infusionsoft® is seamlessly integrated into HipDash, making it point-and-click easy to create a Smart Dashboard.

  • Easily Create Smart Dashboards in Minutes

    Create Smart Indicators™ ONCE, and never have to worry about them again! They never time out.

  • Drill Down Analytics

    Easily drill down to detailed analytics and trends presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

  • Automatically Create Smart Indicators

    HipDash’s proprietary Smart Indicators automatically create context for you to easily interpret your numbers. Each indicator shows the metric you want, the average, the history, the record of best performance, and the target goal.

  • Share Indicators

    HipDash allows you to share indicators with anyone. You can also embed indicators into your website or anywhere you want to see your numbers.

  • And Much More...

Make Smarter Business Decisions Faster with HipDash!

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Knowledge is Power!

You know the old, saying, “Knowledge is power”? There’s a reason that people still say it…It’s because it’s true. When you are equipped with the proper knowledge, you can be a much stronger, more powerful leader.

Revolutionize your business and make your confidence and profits soar, with Smart Indicators from HipDash!

These Indicators, which work with Infusionsoft, Google Docs (coming soon) and QuickBooks (coming soon), will provide you with accessible, easy to understand, critical information about your company’s performance so you can feel good and make wiser decisions. Each Indicator will give you the ability to see a metric you want, for instance, this year’s profits to date, and compare it to the average, the history, the record of best performance, and the target goal from anywhere at anytime, so you can know not only what’s going on in your business, but what to do in the future.

Gain Critical Insights

Feel sure of yourself when making marketing and sales investments.

Accurately Diagnosis Problems

See with clarity the areas that are hurting your business..

Maximize Profits

Know with confidence what brings in more profits and what drains profits.

Use Time Efficiently

Cut out the money suckers and time vampires..

Success is Contagious!

You can literally transform your company culture into one that not only values the accountability that comes with performance measurements, but one that pivots, hires, fires, changes, revs up, slows down, and/or does more good, based on factual numbers.

“What you measure improves! With HipDash I am now able to track my most important numbers in real time. The ability to share the dashboards allows me to get my tribe involved and excited to watch the numbers grow! HipDash is a must for any business to track their results!”

–Chas Wilson

“This app is incredibly simple to implement and saves a ton of time when analyzing your marketing performance indicators”

–Ian Jenkins

“Now, we have the right tool to get the right numbers out of the vast amount of data in Infusionsoft.”

–Robin Li

Choose now to be a smart business that can easily make smart decisions based on empirical data.